About Us

Heidi Kelly founded Competitive Strategies in 2012.  Heidi has an extensive background in politics and public relations.  She served on US Senator Slade Gorton’s Senate staff for six years in various roles, including Communications Director, State Director and Campaign Manager.  She enjoyed the challenge of making difficult and controversial issues simple and convincing.  Kelly also worked for The Gallatin Group, a public affairs agency with offices throughout the Pacific Northwest, where she provided media training, communications and political counsel to trade groups and NW based businesses.  She served on the Washington State Judicial Selection Committee, a bipartisan group formed by Senators Murray and Gorton to appoint federal judges based on merit, not partisanship.  She also played an early role in the formation of the Washington News Council, the only independent media ombudsman in the country.

Heidi and her husband, John, live in Kirkland and have three children.

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